Company Profile


PREMIERA AKSA MEDIKA is a provider of medical equipment especially hospital equipment in Indonesia 

Dedication of personnel and experience in the field of medical equipment and has an extensive distribution networking throughout Indonesia, PT. PREMIERA AKSA MEDIKA become the best business partner.

Our objective is to deliver quality in every area, supplying relevant, cost effective and safe products designed to make health care equipment better and more productive in every way. 

Collaboration with OEM and ODM manufacturing company (PT. Matahari Leisure), which has an international reputation, powered by high-tech equipment, in-house research and development facility, understand the regulation of product safety for medical equipment IEC 60601-1-52, standard safety for amusement machine (UL 22), EMC test, RoHS and other safety regulation. The company also has been accredited by Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485 for medical devices, therefore PT. Premiera Aksa Medika was leading position on health care equipment market. 

We always make innovations and continuous improvement in all aspects. Customer expectations are aspirations, will inspire us to deliver a great products and services. We “committed to exceed customer expectations”.

Customer Services

We log, manage and support your orders from initial receipt through to delivery and commissioning keeping you informed at every stage. We are using our expertise and flexibility to help our customers reduce cost of ownership.  

We aware as a customer wants to deal with when they are having difficulty the products or service. This is a complicated process with long wait times. So, make the process as simple and straight forward as possible to resolve the problem that will help facilitate a streamlined contact resolution process. we will respond to all customers within a 24-hour window or less. This will ensure that customer needs are met in a timely fashion.

Product Development & Manufacturing

Driven by a dynamic and energetic Research & Development Team, focusing on constant product innovation. Utilizing the latest computers modeling techniques, the team can fully engineer products and design, giving clear visualization of the end of results.  

Our manufacturing facility is staffed by a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, giving us total control over product quality at every stage of production process.

Our systems are designed flexibility, enabling us to manage high volume alongside the production of more bespoke products to meet individual customer requirements. In with our commitment to make the best of choice, our manufacturing processes are focused

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